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Depeche Mode

  1. In Chains
  2. Hole To Feed
  3. Wrong
  4. Fragile Tension
  5. Little Soul
  6. In Sympathy
  7. Peace
  8. Come Back
  9. Spacewalker
  10. Perfect
  11. Miles Away/The Truth Is
  12. Jezebel
  13. Corrupt

In August 2007, during promotion for Dave Gahan's second solo album, Hourglass, it was announced that Depeche Mode were heading back in studio in early 2008 to work on their upcoming twelfth studio album. In March 2008, rumours surfaced that Ben Hillier would be the producer of the forthcoming album. In May 2008, the band returned to the studio to work on some songs that Martin Gore had been working on at his home studio in Santa Barbara, California. At a press conference on 6 October 2008 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, the band announced plans for its Tour of the Universe, which commenced on 6 May 2009 with a warm-up show at Rockhal, Luxembourg, and officially started on 10 May 2009 at Ramat Gan Stadium, Israel. Dates in North America and a return to South America for the first time since the Exotic Tour of 1994 were announced in early 2009. Two new songs, "Wrong" and "Peace", were previewed at the press conference. On 15 January 2009, the official Depeche Mode website announced that the new album would be called Sounds of the Universe. The album was released internationally on 20 April 2009 and in the U.S. on 21 April 2009. "Wrong" was the first single from the album, released digitally on 21 February 2009, and physically on 6 April (7 April in the U.S.). The video was directed by Patrick Daughters. The full album was leaked over the Internet on 26 March 2009, when it was sold ahead of time through iTunes Pass. Andy Fletcher says the idea for their iTunes Pass was a combination of the band's and iTunes': "I think the digital and record companies are starting to get their act together. They were very lazy in the first 10 years when downloads came in. Now they're collaborating more and coming up with interesting ideas for fans to buy products." "Peace" was the second single from Sounds of the Universe; it was released on 15 June 2009 as a European only single. Later that summer, "Perfect" was released as a promotional-only (non-commercial) single in the U.S. "Fragile Tension / Hole to Feed", a double A-side single will be released as the third single from Sounds of the Universe on 7 December 2009. The track "Hole to Feed" got a music video that was put on Depeche Mode's website in September 2009. The music video of "Fragile Tension" was released at the end of November 2009. In addition, the track "Corrupt" was used for a trailer for the hit HBO show, True Blood.

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