<<< Songs of Faith and Devotion - 1993

Depeche Mode

  1. I Feel You
  2. Walking In My Shoes
  3. Condemnation
  4. Mercy In You
  5. Judas
  6. In Your Room
  7. Get Right With Me
  8. Rush
  9. One Caress
  10. Higher Love




In 1993 Songs of Faith and Devotion saw them experimenting with more organic arrangements, based as much on heavily distorted electric guitars, keyboards and live drums (played by Alan Wilder, whose debut as a studio drummer was the track "Clean" on Violator). Live strings, uilleann pipes and female gospel vocals were other new additions to the band's sound. The album debuted at number one in both the UK and the U.S., on the heels of the bluesy, grunge-influenced single "I Feel You". As a testament to the album´s success, in later world tours, several songs from Songs of Faith and Devotion have appeared in tour setlists. The 14-month Devotional world tour followed. It was documented by a concert video of the same name, and a second live album, Songs of Faith and Devotion Live. The live album was essentially a track-by-track reproduction of the eponymous album, designed to help boost sales figures of the studio album, and it proved to be a critical and commercial failure, reaching only #46 in the UK, it managed a #193 peak in the U.S., selling a mere 114,000 units there as of April 2006. Dave Gahan's heroin addiction was starting to affect his behaviour, causing him to become more erratic and introverted. Martin Gore experienced a seizure and Andy Fletcher declined to participate in the second "exotic" leg of the tour due to "mental instability". During that period, he was replaced on-stage by Daryl Bamonte, who had worked with the band as a personal assistant for many years. Wilder's departure (1995) In June 1995, Alan Wilder announced that he was leaving Depeche Mode, explaining, " Since joining in 1982, I have continually striven to give total energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the furthering of the group's success and in spite of a consistent imbalance in the distribution of the workload, willingly offered this. Unfortunately, within the group, this level of input never received the respect and acknowledgement that it warrants. " He continued to work on his personal project Recoil, releasing a fourth album (Unsound Methods) in 1997. Following Wilder's departure, many were skeptical of whether Depeche Mode would ever record again. Gahan's mental state and drug habit became a major source of concern, with a near-fatal overdose at a hotel in Los Angeles.

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